What to Do After Filing an Insurance Claim

What to Do After Filing an Insurance Claim

A lot of Florida homeowners may experience a loss over the course of owning a home. This loss can cause a lot headache & strain on you & your family. However, what steps should you take after filing an insurance claim to help get a proper settlement for your damages?


Please note that after a loss, you should report your loss as soon as possible to your insurance company.

Below, we’ve prepared a list of steps to follow you’ve filed an insurance claim.


  1. Review the conditions page on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

The conditions section of your policy states what your duties are after experiencing a loss. Following these steps will help to ensure that no further damaged happens to property. Also note that insurance companies can deny your claim for failure to comply with your policy’s conditions section. So make sure you familiarize yourself with it.


  1. List everything that has been damaged because of the loss.

It’s important that after a loss, you identify everything in your home that has been damaged as a result of the loss. Making a detailed list can help to remind you of the damages your home as experienced when the insurance adjuster comes to your home. This also helps to ensure that you receive a fair claim settlement.


  1. Review your policy declarations page.

Your policy comes with a declarations page which states what your policy limits are. It’s important to familiarize yourself with this so you know where you stand in terms of policy coverages.


  1. Get a professional estimate done.

An estimate can help you make a much better claim with your insurance company. It provides an itemized detailed list of what needs to be repaired in home. This estimate will cover the true cost of repairing your damages.


  1. Seek help.

The insurance claim process can be very tedious & confusing. By consulting with a licensed public adjuster, you have a better chance of gaining a better settlement from your insurance company to restore your home to pre-loss condition.


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