Is my cast iron plumbing system covered?

Florida cast iron plumbing system

My home has a cast iron plumbing system installed. Should I file a claim?


If your home was built before 1975, then you might be experiencing the same type of issues a lot of other Florida homeowners are dealing with as of late. Simply put, if your home has a cast iron plumbing system then you’ve probably experienced plumbing issues such as backup & overflows from your drain lines, rodent infestation, bad smells & loss of use of your toilets, showers or kitchen drains.

A lot of homes in the state of Florida that were built before 1975 have a cast iron plumbing system installed. This is due to the plumbing material that builders were using to construct homes before switching over to the modern-day PVC plumbing system. Most cast iron plumbing systems typically have a life span of 30-50 years before they start to crack & cause severe plumbing issues such as backup, overflows & other water related damage to your home.

The cost to completely replace a cast iron plumbing system with a PVC plumbing system on a typical residential home can easily set you back tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. For a lot of homeowners, this begs the question of “will my insurance company cover this?”

The typical policyholder who files a claim for their cast iron plumbing system end up getting denied or given a small amount of money to fix their damages. This is where engaging in the services of a Public adjuster can help you

Here at Banhan & Mason, if your home was built before 1975, and you have a cast iron plumbing system installed, then we may be able to help you recover a settlement that can help you repairs your damage & repair your cast iron plumbing system.

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