How to deal With A Denied or underpaid Claim.

How to deal With A Denied or underpaid Claim.

There is no doubt that having your claim denied or underpaid can leave you with a serious financial strain. Repair cost can be very high when it comes to fixing issues in your home like fire damage or a broken pipe. Not to mention the burden it leaves on you & your family when your home loses certain functionalities, or even becomes unlivable.

However, you can indeed rest assured that as a Florida citizen, you do have rights when it comes to disputing what the insurance company has made of your claim.

Under Florida Statue 627.7142, your insurance policy should have come with a bill of rights sheet that states your rights when you have filed a claim. As a Florida homeowner, if you feel as though your repairs will be more than what the insurance company has offered, you do have the right to dispute the amount the insurance company has offered. Even if your claim was denied, help is still possible.

So, what are your options has a Florida Homeowner?

Below, we will provide you with a few tips on how you can seek proper indemnification for your loss.


  1. Seek the help of a Florida Public Adjuster.

A public adjuster is an insurance claim professional that works on your behalf. Unlike company adjusters that work in the interest of the insurance company, a Public Adjuster works on behalf of the policyholder to ensure that the claim process goes smoother & helps the policyholder receive proper indemnity so that that they are restored back to the position they were in before the loss.
Even if you claim was denied, a public adjuster may still be able to help you!

  1. Get estimates

If you feel like your claim was underpaid, you have the right to have estimates done from a Florida licensed contactor who will be able to help you identify the real cost of making a repair. This way, disputing the amount the insurance company offered can be backed by a detailed report from a real company.


  1. Review your policy.

Make sure that you carefully review your policy to know what it does or does not cover as well as knowing what your limits are. Insurance policies can be long & extensive to read but are key to understanding what you are entitled to.


  1. Make sure you follow your policy conditions.

Failure to follow your insurance policies conditions can result in getting your claim denied. Note that your insurance policy is a contract. In order for the insurance company to properly investigate your claim, they do require that you do follow the conditions laid out on the policy in order for your claim to come to a reasonable settlement.


  1. Be Careful of Release Forms

A lot of insurance companies’ issues release forms before paying out a claim. If your claim was underpaid & you sign a release form, you could be giving up your right to further dispute your claim & get the right amount of money you need in order to make your repairs.

Before singing any type of release, ensure that you are satisfied with the amount of money you have received from the insurance company.


Thanks for checking out our blog post! We hope that it better helps Florida Homeowners when dealing with the waves of the insurance claim process. If you feel like your home insurance claim was underpaid or denied, contact us today for a free consultation!


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